Clagett L1465 C-002

Agreement Number: C-002
Risk Book: Clagett L1465
Ship Name: Africaine
Page Number: 1
Point Of Departure: Liverpool
Point Of Arrival: Africa/Kingston
Shipping and Goods: G
Broker: Swanson
Captain: Richard Vaughan
Ship Owner / Investor: Thomas Twemlow
Date: January 3rd, 1807
Voyage ID according to 82206

Narrative: On January 3, 1807 at the Lloyd’s Market in The Royal Exchange, Horatio Clagett was part of a group of underwriters who insured a voyage of the ship Africaine from Liverpool to Barbados trafficking enslaved people. Clagett directly insured the enslaved against risk of loss as ‘goods’ or ‘cargo’. This is evidence of the dehumanizing commodification and speculation on the financial value of enslaved lives. The ship was owned by Thomas Twemlow and Samuel McDowal and the agreement was brokered by Swanson. The captain of the ship was Richard Vaughan. This voyage is further detailed at as Voyage ID 82206.