Clagett L1465 C-037

Agreement Number: C-037
Risk Book: Clagett L1465
Ship Name: Rachael
Page Number: 157
Point Of Departure: Liverpool
Point Of Arrival: Cameroon/Barbados
Amount Covered: 100
Premium: 15
Shipping and Goods: G
Broker: Bartholomew Barnewall
Captain: Robert Blackburn
Ship Owner / Investor: Robert Kitchen
Date: February 5th, 1807
Voyage ID according to 83270

Narrative: On February 5, 1807 at the Lloyd’s Market in The Royal Exchange, Horatio Clagett was part of a group of underwriters who insured a voyage of the ship Rachael from Africa to a Market trafficking enslaved people. He underwrote £100 in risk at a premium of 15 percent. Clagett directly insured the enslaved against risk of loss as ‘goods’ or ‘cargo’. This is evidence of the dehumanizing commodification and speculation on the financial value of enslaved lives. The ship was owned by Robert Kitchen and James Penny and the agreement was brokered by Bartholomew Barnewall. The captains of the ship were Robert Blackburn and John Fisher. This voyage is further detailed at as Voyage ID 83270.