Clagett L1465 C-303

Agreement Number: C-303
Risk Book: Clagett L1465
Ship Name: America
Page Number: 6
Point Of Departure: Charleston
Point Of Arrival: Liverpool
Amount Covered: 200
Premium: 2.5
Shipping and Goods: Goods
Broker: Thomas N.B. Hubert
Captain: Cox
Ship Owner / Investor: Thomas N.B. Hubert
Date: 4/27/1807
Voyage ID according to 80226

Narrative: On April 27, 1807 at the Lloyd’s Market in The Royal Exchange, Horatio Clagett was part of a group of underwriters who insured underwrote a voyage of the ship America from Charleston. This agreement reflects the return leg of a slaving voyage after it had trafficked people. Clagett underwrote £200 of risk at a premium of 2.5 percent. The captain of the ship was Cox. This voyage is further detailed at as Voyage ID 80226.