Reference Number: L0433/5
Date: 18-22 January 1704
Extent: 1 item
Provenance: From a collection of newspapers and press cuttings in a large volume titled ‘Old Newspapers Relating to Lloyd’s’. The volume was made in c.1912 by Mr Gillman of the British Museum.

Description: This advert is for the sale at Lloyd’s Coffee House in Lombard Street for the ship ‘Sidney’. It was described as a ‘frigat’, 150 tonnes, with 16 guns and its captain was Upton. It had been used for customs on the Cornish coast and was lying at Falmouth. The Slave Voyages database, records two slave voyages for a ‘Sidney Gally’ in 1706 (Voyage: 20891) and the ‘Sidney’ in 1708 (Voyage: 20790) which was shipwrecked due to natural hazards. This could be, although this is by no means certain, the same Sidney recorded for sale in the advert. Both voyages were captained by Francis Corbin and it was owned by James Waite and James Martin, with Charles Savage listed as a co-owner for the first slave voyage and Thomas Merrett for the second slave voyage. The 1706 voyage sailed from London to the Gold Coast and then Jamaica and trafficked 301 enslaved Africans, 260 of whom survived. The 1708 voyage also sailed from London to Anomabu and then to Jamaica and trafficked 404 enslaved Africans of whom 349 survived.

Notes: For more information on Candle Auctions see the Underwriting Souls exhibit “The Origins of Lloyd’s”