Reference Number: L0542
Date: c.1800
Extent: 9 items
Materials: Ivory
Provenance: Presented to Lloyd’s by W.M. Guthrie Esq., 1904, W.P. Shepard Esq., 1906, Sir Raymond Beck, 1910, Spencer Secretan, 1917, Mr Ambrose Boyson, 1923, E.S. Lamplough, 1935, H.A. Saunders 1937.

Description: These ivory circular tickets were issued to ensure only Subscribers to Lloyd’s, or their approved Substitutes, could enter the Lloyd’s market. The white ivory tickets were for Subscribers and the red ivory tickets for Substitutes. The obverse of the ticket is inscribed with the name and a number and the reverse of some of the tickets has the inscription ‘Lloyd’s’. The tickets were issued to the following Subscribers: Ambrose Boyson (4), Thomas Price (260), Williamson Lamplough (303), Henry Warre (309), F L P Secretan (336), D G Secretan (468), William W Saunders (521) and the following Substitutes: D C Guthrie (49), Henry Warre (67).

Notes: See L0149. For more information on ivory  subscribers tokens see the Underwriting Souls Exhibition “The Origins of Lloyd’s”.