Reference Number: L1220
Date: 10 June 1799
Extent: 1 item
Provenance: Purchased for Lloyd’s Collection in 1961.

Description: The letter is written from Falmouth, Jamaica, about the debts on Dunn’s account with Andrew Milne. He mentions the shipments of 44 tons ‘Fustice’, 2 pieces of Muscavado Sugar and 26 ‘Punch[eons]’ Rum. He mentions the ‘money from Mr Jn Campbell will be due in July, for the three Negroes sold him’. The letter indicates that Dunn and Milne are closer than a business relationship. The families know each other and Dunn has three children in England. In an addenda to the original letter, he discusses his ownership of two plantations with enslaved people. He references the sale of farm machinery including a ‘wheel chase and harness’ and Green Body Pheaton. He then discusses how he had ‘just purchased another Estate in St James called Lilliputt Hall, it’s a farr better Estate than Defiance it was lately the Property of Mr Hale now residing in Bristol & sold by Jn Perry Esq of this Island I parted with Defiance to convince Mess Ingrams I had to pay them as well as all I owe’d, & credit enough left to purchase another. I only wish the present proprietors of Defiance as much Success.’ A note on letter shows it was sent from Falmouth [Jamaica] 10 June 1799, recieved 1 August 1799, and answered 10 August 1799. According to the Jamaica Almanac (1811) the Lilliput Estate had 95 enslaved people and was registered to Thomas Dunn who was by that date deceased. The Defiance Estate is listed as having 14 enslaved people, 7 men and 7 women, under the ownership of Alexander Tulloh in 1817.