Reference Number: L0457
Date: 1761
Extent: 1 item
Provenance: Presented to Lloyd’s by Mr A Reading, 1969

Description: A printed broadside advertisement for the sale ‘by the candle’ of the ship ‘Charming Jenny’ of 170 tonnes on 12 August 1761 at Lloyd’s Coffee House in Lombard Street. The ship is specified as ‘Plantation built’ for the West India, Virginia or East-Country trading. This could refer to ships that were designed to ship goods, largely produced by enslaved people, in a bi-lateral trade between Britain and its plantations or for a slave ship. A ship or ships called the ‘Charming Jenny’ are recorded as undertaking slave voyages between 1736-1755. The 1755 voyage, sailed from London, was thwarted by an insurrection of the enslaved. (See Slave Voyages, Ref.: 27240). The broadside has an etching of a ship at the top and the ship’s commander is given as Joseph Todd. The broadside gives a detailed inventory of all the items on board and in its various stores. The broker was John Hutchinson, of Exchange Alley, who mentions he has several ships for sale and a manuscript note on the back says the ship was purchased by Parker Thornton & Company for £640.

Notes: See L0149. For more information on candle auctions see the Underwriting Souls Exhibition “The Origins of Lloyd’s”.