Reference Number: L0455/8
Date: c.20 February 1812
Provenance: Presented to Lloyd’s by the Bank of England, 1987

Description: Printed Ship and Goods ‘SG’ Policy for the ship ‘Kingsmill’ to sail from Demerara to Liverpool and to depart on or before 1 August 1812. The broker was John Gladstone. Gladstone was a major owner of enslaved peoples and plantations in Jamaica and British Guiana and a West Indian merchant. The goods underwritten on this policy were cotton on the account of Hamers Heirs. L0455/2 (in 1813) and L0455/7 are similar policies for the same journey and ship. Gladstone was also a slave trader and in 1803 is listed as part-owner of the then slave ship ‘Kingsmill’ which sailed from Liverpool to Bonny and to the Bahamas (See Slave Voyages Ref.: 82169). There was a John McClune who was slave trading out of Liverpool in five voyages 1803-1807.

Notes: See the research on Gladstone and his company: For more information on ship and voyage policies see the Underwriting Souls exhibition “insuring the Guipuzcoa”.